Reminders Before Going Hunting and Fishing

Brushy Creek Ventures LLC in Houston, AL aims to influence other people to exercise responsibility in enjoying outdoor recreational activities. We do this because we want to keep wildlife populations at sustainable levels for present and future generations.

About U.S. Wildlife Management

The U.S. Government employs a conservation approach in the management of the public’s access to wildlife. Hunting is allowed because it is a way to keep animal populations healthy and in balance with their habitat. Nevertheless, hunters are expected to respect seasons and limits in U.S. National Forests and other public areas.

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) regulates and oversees the management of fish, wildlife, and their habitats in U.S. Natural Forests. These responsibilities are also shared with other agencies. If you are interested in learning more about hunting regulations, the USFWS provides information about each state’s licensing requirements.

Ethical Statement

It is important to stop and realize that preparing to take an animal’s life is a serious matter. As ethical hunters, we should plan ahead of time to make the process as humane as possible. We must do everything in our power to minimize any pain the creature may experience.

Before hunting any animal, we should have a working understanding of its anatomy. This will ensure that we know how to take a clean kill shot with the proper caliber firearm and prevent the creature from going through unnecessary suffering.